Thursday, October 11, 2012

Davis family photo shoot.

What grandparent doesn't want lots and lots of pictures of her sweet grand babies?  I was honored to take pictures of Nana Sherry's grand babies when she asked me to.  We met Tuesday afternoon at the Train Depot in Hattiesburg.  I was so thankful Aunt Kelly came along to help, and she definitely got a workout, too!  
I think this is one of my favorites of the entire day.  
 How cute are these two?  

 I adore this sweet girl.  She is my Story's BFF.  Story told me last week, "Mommy, her is best my friend!" 
 Look at those sweet babies playing with the rocks.  
 Precious baby C was just chill and compliant the entire shoot.  
Love this picture of handsome E.  
Thank you, Davis, Harrell, and Kirkpatrick family for allowing me the privilege of taking pictures of your little ones.  Nana Sherry, hope you enjoy!

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