Monday, September 17, 2012

Keri's photo shoot.

My littlest one and I traveled to south Georgia last week to spend some time with my grandmother and the rest of our family.  One of my favorite things about going "home" is spending time with my cousin, Keri.  Her dad is my mom's youngest brother.  She was born when I was a junior in college.  I remember being terrified to hold her as a baby.  I guess I've come a long way, ha!  When I knew we were going to be in GA, I asked Keri if one evening we could do a photo shoot, so I could get in some more practice.  She readily agreed!  
 Isn't she lovely? 
 Keri is such a good kid.  I told her mom that I sure hope my girls grow up to be like Keri!  
 She's beautiful inside and out!
 When Keri was a little girl, she was so into cheerleading!  As you can tell by her uniform, times have changed!  Keri plays basketball and softball for her school.  
 This is one of my favorite, favorite photos from our shoot.  Love.  
 This one is pretty awesome, too.  Keri is a big Chipper Jones fan, so it's no wonder she proudly wears #10.  
 Story and I got to watch Keri in action on Thursday night of our visit.  Keri pitches and has been working so hard to improve her game.  
 Rallying her infield.  What a treat it was to watch Keri play!
 This little one had so much fun!  I think her favorite part was the snacks provided by her Uncle Kim.  
 Keri was getting ready to bat in this picture, but I love this shot of her teammates huddled together.  
All good teams need a talking to after the game!  Thanks, Keri, for providing me a beautiful subject to photograph!  Story and I loved spending time with you!

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